The Sinology unit of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Jagiellonian University is a scientific-research unit, teaching specialists in the literature, languages and culture of China - both the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. The objects of the Cracow researchers' interests are sinological linguistics, sinological glottodidactics, problems of teaching Chinese to older students, culture transmission, tradition, communication and society researched from the perspective of the Chinese language.

The study programme of three years provides studies of the Chinese language in speaking and writing to an extent, which enables proper verbal and intercultural communication. The solid foundation of the knowledge about undisclosed aspects of the Chinese language area provides an understanding of cognitive and perception mechanisms of an individual and society. These mechanisms are the results of the specific of Chinese writing, but also of Chinese lexis, rooted in classical language, tradition and reflected in the language of every epoch, also in contemporary language. Linguistic skills are vital to sources and essential to knowledge about the people, country and culture in the past and the present.

The programme of studies provides an intensive Chinese language course, encompassing knowledge of the language and its acquisition, systems of Chinese writing, rudiments of classical language and also linguistic exercises (speaking, writing, reading and translating). Language lessons are supplemented by introductory courses on the culture and the history of China. The general courses (linguistics, philosophy) included in the various programmes of study are relevant means of assessing and ordering humanistic knowledge from a euro-centric and Sino-centric perspectives.

From 2017/18 The Institute of Oriental Studies also offers a graduate programme in sinology.